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This forum to create to help each other.

this forum can promote your IG, FB, Twitter & Youtube, or get you endorse or online/offline job:

Who's can register ?

any entertainer like dancer, singer, MC, magician, clown, youtuber, influencer, selebgram, photographer, etc

some profession like SPG, model, make up artist, etc

please contact us @ whatsapp 0817 999 444 7 to post your profile in this forum



Celine SwittinS

Twitter @Celine_SwittinS, follower 29.800

Endorse Rp 100.000, tayang 1 bulan

Post Twit/Retweet Rp 100.000 per 1x twit/retweet

model photo for fashion  Rp 1.000.000 per 8 jam

promote product live via video (youtube, shopee, etc) Rp 300.000 per 1 jam







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